Older people

Significant increases in the elderly population are predicted over the next 15 years. Healthy ageing is critical to experiencing the benefits of an ageing society, and key to the public health agenda of the future.

See also our pages on long term conditions, multiple morbidities, dementia and accidents.

Our resources

Our resources

Data and reports

A range of data relating to older people can be found in the 'ageing well' section of our Health and Social Care Maps.

We have conducted work using Acorn Wellbeing and the Kent Integrated Dataset (KID) to identify and analyse older people in Kent more likely to be experiencing social isolation and loneliness (PDF, 3.3 MB).

Library services

The Public Health and Social Care Library can provide access to library and knowledge services, including books and journal articles relating to older people and health. We can also produce bespoke literature searches.


If you can't find what you were looking for, we complete over 200 ad-hoc requests for analysis each year. Request further analysis or a literature search or contact us.
External resources

External resources

A number of organisations produce statistics relating to the health of older people, both at national and local level.