Useful links

  • The health knowledge site is structured for those taking Faculty of Public Health membership exams, but also as an educational resource for anyone involved in healthcare and social well being.
  • The health careers website has been created to help recruit, retain and develop the careers of people working in public health (including health and wellbeing) at all levels, and working in all sectors. It provides people and organisations with a wide-ranging source of information about roles and careers in public health, and it provides advice about how to assess your current position and how you might develop your skills and knowledge through education and training.
  • The making every contact count (MECC) website supports the development, evaluation and  implementation of MECC programmes and contains links to resources, national guidance and training.
  • The Royal Society for Public Health supports those with a role in public health and wellbeing initiatives in a variety of settings.
  • Skills for Health is the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the UK health sector. Its purpose is to help the whole sector develop solutions that deliver a skilled and flexible UK workforce in order to improve health and health care.
  • The UK Public Health Register provides public protection by ensuring that only competent public health professionals are registered and that high standards of practice are maintained