JSNA stakeholder insight

Stakeholder insight is a critical part of the JSNA. It involves collecting, collating and explaining the views, expectations, perceptions and experiences of local communities about what contributes to good health.

Healthwatch Kent is an independent organisation which collects the views and experiences of local residents on health and care issues and presents them to senior decision-makers. This ensures that local views are incorporated into the commissioning process and can be used to improve services. There is a dedicated page to search for news and reports on different topics.

Public consultations are also managed by Kent County Council via the Let's talk Kent website and by NHS Kent and Medway via the Have your say in Kent and Medway website.

The stakeholder voice summary report (PDF, 960.2 KB) from Activmob describes the views and experiences of families on healthy behaviours and illness prevention.

Between October 2021 and July 2022 Kent County Council’s Public Health team worked in partnership with Kent and Medway Partnership Trust (KMPT), NHS Kent and Medway and Medway Council to commission ‘Kent and Medway Listens (PDF, 1006.7 KB)’ which utilised a range of voluntary sector organisations to reach into local communities and hear the voices of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

Kent and Medway Listens was the largest ever engagement project in relation to the mental wellbeing of seldom heard communities in Kent and Medway and was a response to a national urge to create wellbeing plans in response to the impact of COVID-19.