Annual Report

The 2017 Annual Public Health Report is dedicated to sexual and reproductive health in Kent.

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2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

The Annual Public Health Report for 2017 ‘Sexual and reproductive health’ picks up the highlights and overall findings of a more detailed piece of work the KCC Public Health Department has undertaken over the past 18 months looking at the sexual health of the Kent population. This work is carried out as part of our systematic approach to commissioning comprehensive sexual health and community based sexual health services for the population of Kent, a statutory requirement of Local Authorities since the Health and Social Care Act 2012 was implemented.

This report continues the health inequalities theme and is presented under four themes:

  • Sexual health is not a single issue
  • STIs are unevenly distributed
  • Importance of case findings, testing and effective treatment
  • Service provision and utilisation

The full Sexual Health Needs Assessment is available on the Sexual Health pages within Health Intelligence.

Previous Annual Reports

Previous Annual Reports


The Annual Public Health report for 2016, 'Better Housing for Better Health' continues the health inequalities theme.  There are well established links between housing and health and this report focusses on three areas:

  • Growth, affordability and planning
  • Indoor housing environment
  • Maintaining a stable home life.

The report is presented in two parts: a graphically presented summary (PDF, 833.4 KB) and a technical report (PDF, 1.8 MB).  The report highlights the excellent partnerships and good practice across Kent and recommendations for future work to reduce the health inequalities due to housing for our most vulnerable populations.


The Annual Public Health Report 2015 (PDF, 3.6 MB) focuses on health inequalities.  It reflects on where we have got to in Kent, and points to what we need to do in the future if we are going to have any success in narrowing the gap.


The 'Too much? Time to think about your drink' - Annual Public Health Report 2014 (PDF, 2.4 MB) focuses on the hidden health dangers for those people who regularly exceed the recommended drinking levels without realising they have a problem.

This is a major issue in Kent since:

  • There has been a 43% increase in the number of people in Kent dying from liver disease since 2002.
  • We estimate that over 270,000 people in Kent are drinking at dangerous levels.
  • Alcohol costs the health service in Kent an estimated £108million a year.