A NICE OpenAthens account allows you to access a range of quality information online. Our OpenAthens accounts are supplied by the NHS.

Those working in or with Kent County Council's Public Health department will be eligible for a public health OpenAthens ID. This includes full text e-journals, e-books and evidence-based databases. Some others working in partnership with KCC Public Health may also be eligible.

All other Kent County Council employees can apply for a social care OpenAthens ID. This allows access to evidence-based databases and some full text journals in health and social care management.

Please submit a library membership form if you wish to apply for an OpenAthens account.  The library membership form can be found on the About the Library page.  If you tick the box to request an OpenAthens account, this will be set up for you by the PHSC Library OpenAthens administrators.  You will receive an email from the library notifying you of your username when this has been done.

If you prefer to register yourself for OpenAthens, once you have joined the Public Health and Social Care Library, you can  check your eligibility and register yourself at the NICE OpenAthens page. There may be a delay if you register with NICE OpenAthens before registering with the library.  For public health employees, your organisation is "Public health provider organisations in Kent". For all others, your organisation will be "Social care provider organisations in Kent".  If the NICE website in not working please contact your local Athens administrator on who will be able to take your application further.

Please see the PHSC Library's privacy statement and OpenAthens own privacy statement for information about how your personal data is shared.

Once registered, you can use your OpenAthens account from work or home, whenever you wish. For training in how to get the best out of your account, see 'Finding the evidence'.