E-portfolio resources

There is an e-portfolio system to upload your evidence and submit it for assessment.  If you are on the fast track scheme you will automatically be given an e-portfolio account.  If you are on the standard route you have the option of either using the e-portfolio system or submitting a paper based portfolio.

To request an e-portfolio account please complete our e-portfolio account request form (DOC, 423.5 KB).

We have developed userguides and videos to help you use the e-portfolio system.  Click the links below to view these resources.

E-portfolio resources for practitioners


E-portfolio userguide: for practitioners (PDF, 3.8 MB)


1. The benefits of e-portfolios

2. Logging in for the first time

3. Uploading commentary, evidence and submitting Indicators for assessment

4. Uploading supporting documents (e.g. CV, JD)

5. Communicating with your assessor

6. Addressing clarifications

7. Addressing resubmissions and partial acceptances

8. Applying for verification: references and testimonials

9. Applying for verification: certificates, JD and CV

10. Applying for verification: uploading the application form

11. Downloading the assessment log

E-portfolio resources for assessors


E-portfolio userguide for assessors (PDF, 2.9 MB)


1. Logging in and finding your applicant

2. Changing your password and uploading a picture

3. Setting up system alerts

4. Downloading the assessment log

5. Navigating the practitioner's course folder

6. Making an assessment decision

7. Use of the privacy box

8. Changing an assessment decision or editing comments

9. Contacting your practitioner via the e-portfolio system

10. Assessing supporting information

11. Completing the assessor overview

12. Using the forum

13. What to do if your practitioner self-elects a resubmission

14. Breach of confidentiality

E-portfolio resources for verifiers


Please contact the workforce development team.


1. Logging in and finding your practitioner

2. Changing your password and uploading your picture

3. Communicating with the assessor via message centre

4. Navigating the e-portfolio

5. Downloading the assessment log

6. Initial check of course folder and signing off application for verification

7. Verifying supporting documents (CV, JD, reference etc.)

8. Introduction to sampling evidence

9. Sampling evidence in the e-portfolio

10. Making a verification decision

11. Completing verifier comments/overview of portfolio